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The Real Estate Career Arc of Marshall J. Field

October 18, 2018

Marshall J. Field

The Calabasas, California real estate firm that is currently led by Marshall J. Field is well-known for their prowess. Commercial Real Estate Advisory Group has been active in California real estate since at least 1977. For his part, Marshall has been directing the sale the group’s assets since at least 2008, which is a long time to be offering real estate services in Calabasas, California. What that means is Marshall J. Field has plenty of experience as an active member of a real estate advisory firm to draw upon for every deal. He can anticipate anything because he has seen nearly everything.

Marshall J. Field helps organizations of all types in their quest to arrange financing for virtually all types of commercial real estate projects. These can include full developments, construction projects, and value-added projects, and he gets the money from a variety of sources, including banks, of course, but also non-bank resources, as well. That’s why he and Commercial Real Estate Advisory Group are so effective. Their network of capital relationships has become very diverse over the years and they are always searching for new projects and investment opportunities.